Memorial Middle School Performing Arts Department

Memorial Middle School offers full-year Chorus and Band courses for students in sixth through eighth grade.


Beethoven and Lady Gaga. Puccini and Katy Perry. Saint-Seans and Coldplay. What do these artists and composers have in common? The answer is ....... 7th and 8th Grade Band concerts. All these groups, composers, and performers' music have been featured in recent hand concerts at Memorial Middle school. From jazz to opera, from classical to pop, all genres of music are available to our musicians in our school band. Band rehearses everyday during regular school hours. Students that participate in our band and choir, alternate every other day with our chorus teacher. We also provide students with one group lesson per week with varied times to minimize class work disruption.


The full year Chorus course is offered for all students in grades 6 through 8, teaching them the basics of musicianship, sight-reading, music theory, and history in a performance setting. Chorus students meet daily by grade level and combine with all three grades to perform in two required public concerts a year. Students interested in choir and band can be involved in both on alternating days. Fundamental note reading, basic vocal techniques of diaphragmatic breathing, vowel modification, diction, pitch, rhythm, and intonation as well as examination of music theory and exposure to various musical styles are some of the core content areas covered in middle school choir. Non-academic goals include promotion of self discipline and motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, social harmony, creativity, emotional expression and appreciation of diversity.

Memorial Middle School Performing Arts Staff
Sixth Grade Band
email Mrs. Teresa Lyncheski
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Seventh & Eighth Grade Band
email Mr. Dan Carver
Choral Director
email Mrs. Terry Bojanowski
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