School Nurse
Cynthia Barry, Registered Nurse
Phone: (732) 701-1900 x. 2215

Health Office Policies

Please contact the attendance office is your child is going to be absent. You may leave a message at any time via voice mail at 732-701-1900, ext. 2200. A doctor's note is required when your child has missed five or more consecutive days of school. If you are requesting homework for your child, please call the attendance office by 9:00 a.m.

Students are NOT permitted to bring medication of any kind to school. If it is necessary for a student to have medication during school hours, it should be brought to school by a parent or legal guardian. All medication will be left under the supervision of the school nurse. NO medication will be given without a note from the parents and written order from a student's physician.

Students may go outside for gym. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Appropriate clothing and footwear are required for gym. For safety reasons, flip-flops and sneakers with wheels (Heelies) are prohibited. To maintain the wellness of all students at Point Pleasant Borough High School, students should be encouraged to practice good hygiene.

Student Illnesses
Fever is an indicator that your child is ill. The best way to check for a fever is with a thermometer. If a student's temperature is 100 degrees or higher, he/she should be kept home from school and see a physician. Students with ongoing stomach problems that include vomiting or diarrhea should also see a doctor and be kept home from school. Below are list of some other ailments with treatment recommendations:

Sore Throat: is often an indicator of illness. If sore a throat is accompanied by fever, the student should be kept home and see a physician. If a strep throat diagnosis is made, please contact the health office.

Rashes: A rash may be the first sign of childhood illness, such as chicken pox. A rash or "spots" may cover the entire body or may appear only in one particular area. If this occurs, do not send your child to school until his or her physician has said it is safe to do so. Please provide a doctor's note upon return to school.

Chicken Pox: All students with chicken pox must be kept home. This is serious illness that requires a physician's attention.

Open sores: Require special attention. They can be an indicator of Impetigo which is one form of a contagious skin infection that requires medical treatment before a child can attend school. Once treatment is initiated by a physician and the sores are covered, a child may return to school.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): This condition requires a physician's attention. Students can attend school upon receiving treatment.

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