Point Pleasant Borough High School, comprised of 825 students and a staff of 123 professionals, has a proud tradition of academic excellence and has embraced the core values of respect, responsibility and pride.  The emphasis on these values has helped foster an exceedingly positive school climate.  A key contributing factor to the positive school environment has been the continuation of the Be on Point initiative, which focuses on building a culture of respect within the school community.     

Many of our former students report that they were well-prepared for the academic rigors at the collegiate level, including some of the most competitive universities in the country. A growing number of students are taking advantage of our Advanced Placement (AP) courses, where students have an opportunity to earn college credit by passing an AP exam. We offer 16 AP courses with an enrollment of 399 students, of which 220 are enrolled in more than one AP courses. Our AP course enrollment has increased for the last three consecutive years with a passing rate of 80% in 2017.

The Point Pleasant community shares a commitment to developing well-rounded students who excel both in and out of the classroom. This fundamental belief is clearly demonstrated in the comprehensive academic and extra-curricular opportunities offered to our students. There is a focus on preparing students for college and careers after high school. This focus includes an emphasis on problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to communicate effectively through written words, oral presentations, and group discussions/projects.

In addition to superior academic programming, high school students have access to a diverse offering of extra-curricular activities. From championship caliber athletic teams to an unparalleled performing arts program, students are exposed to a wide range of inspiring experiences. More than 80 percent of our students participate in such activities including athletics, drama, music and clubs. This high level of active involvement keeps our students connected to their school and community at large.

The high school will be changing to a brand new master schedule for the 2019-2020 school-year, commonly known as the Rotate and Drop Schedule. The new schedule enables all of our students the benefits of taking an additional class without having to be at school at the crack of dawn! Students will have the option to explore new areas of interest with our expanded electives OR enroll in a study hall to get a jump on their homework. We will be adding AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Robotics, Forensic Science and Criminal Justice to our list of elective options. The new schedule provides more flexibility for students and allows them to have less conflicts and have “extra help” built into the school day. Please see the high school website for additional information about the Rotate and Drop Schedule.

We are committed to ensuring that all graduates have the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in college and careers. It is our goal that students who earn a diploma from Point Pleasant Borough High School are well-prepared to face the diverse challenges of a complex global economy.

Mr. Kurt A. Karcich, Principal  
Point Pleasant Borough High School  

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