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Alfieri, Sharon Mathematics
Badecker, Jim Industrial Arts
Barry, Cynthia School Nurse
Barry, Stephanie English
Bergmann, Emily Mathematics
Billerman, Mary Ann Social Studies
Bojanowski, Terry Performing Arts
Bolger, Kiara Social Studies
Borack, Lauren English
Boska, Danielle English
Bottone, Andrea English
Brady, Patrick Physical Education
Bruno, Lene Physical Education
Camilleri, Stacey World Languages - Italian
Canary, Ryan Social Studies
Carlson, Denise English
Casalino, Peter Technology
Cavallo, Alexandra English
Cavazzoni, James Science
Cilento, Matthew Special Education
Clearwaters, Mark Social Studies
Colonna, Michael Social Studies
Corcuera, Domingo Science
Criscuolo, Andrea English
Davis, Nicole World Languages - Italian
Delpriora, Amy Science
Drew, David Social Studies
Drzymkowski, Daniel Mathematics
Eagan, Heather World Languages - Spanish
Edolo, Michael English
Egan, Kelly World Languages - Spanish
Farrell, Sharon Science
Fehring, Michael Physical Education
Fisher, David Business
Fitzsimmons, Maeve Mathematics
Flanagan, Paul Social Studies
Hankins, Nicole Student Assistance Counselor
Fritz, Megan English
Gale, Robert Physical Education
Garris, Heather Science
Gattuso, Nicholas Business
Gearing, Anne Life Skills
Grainer, Brian Social Studies
Harris, Jean Marie English
Henry, Sean Social Studies
Hill, Michael Science
Holland, Jaclyn English
Hover, Amy Mathematics
Hunt, Donna Social Studies
Jeffries, Lori World Languages - ESL/ELL
Johnson, David Business
Johnson, Jo-Ann CST
Joyce, Laura Mathematics
Kearns, Ian Performing Arts
Harwelik, Lorraine World Languages - Italian
Kostenko, Angela Science
Kuper, Susan English
Laplaca, Denise Art
Layton, Kimberly Family & Consumer Science
Serrania, Anna Mathematics
Loveland, Paige Mathematics
Luicci, Karen Guidance
Malta, Richard Physical Education
Manser, Kim Library/Media Center
Marrone, Gerard Mathematics
McAllen, John Mathematics
McKelvey, Elizabeth Special Education Mathematics
Mitreuter, Kelly Ann Art
Molyneaux, Kathleen Guidance
Schadewald, Jacquelyn Guidance
Moran, Caitlin English
Muraglia, Rebecca Performing Arts
Nelson, Joshua Science
Orosz, Shannon English
Orrok, Mary English
Ramos, Elizabeth World Languages - Spanish
Plunkett, Susanne Science
Riback, Jennifer Administration, Math & Science Supervisor
Ritter, Jennifer Physical Education
Roessler, Heather School Psychologist
Roos, Kyle Mathematics
Salvatoriello, Katrina Guidance
Silva, Stephanie Mathematics
Soyster, Sheila Art
Speiser, Ryan Science
Madden, Jonathan Athletic Trainer
Stabile, Keri Physical Education
Switzer, Naomi Social Studies
Tennant, Cassandra Science
Thomson, Phyllis Life Skills
Todd, Cynthia Science
Vasseur, Gina Science
Visco, Scott Performing Arts
Vella, Denise Speech Therapy
Brannick, Janet District Technology
Sabbon, Eli District Technology
Sellers, Jeremy District Technology
Petersel, Andrew District Technology
Attridge, Sondra Paraprofessional
Burgio, Toni Marie Paraprofessional
DeSantis, Kristin Paraprofessional
Delaney, Noreen Paraprofessional
Mastellone, Kathy Paraprofessional
McGrady, Linda Paraprofessional
McKeon, Tammy Paraprofessional
Muench, Susan Paraprofessional
Perry, Michele Paraprofessional
Sutton, Connie Paraprofessional
Welsh, Kim Paraprofessional
Willmont, Samantha Paraprofessional
Schleentz, Scott Paraprofessional
Yorke, Milca Paraprofessional
Babo, Courtney Secretary, Attendance
Ferrara, Nicole Secretary, Guidance
Palumbo, Ahra Secretary
Cobb, Nicole Secretary
Granquist, Barbara Secretary
Mallow, Nancy Secretary, Athletics
Melando, Kathy Secretary
O'Gorman, Kathleen Secretary, Guidance
Karcich, Kurt Administration, Principal
Ferrone, Christopher Administration, Athletic Director
Karagias, Heather Administration, English & Social Studies Supervisor
Kenney, Edward Administration, Assistant Principal
McDermitt, Kevin Administration, Director of Technology
Ferlauto, Kimberly Administration, Guidance Director
Zamarra, Jacquelyn Administration, Assistant Principal
Triebwasser, Jonathan Transportation & Food Services
McCabe, Sharon Food Services
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