Dear Families,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Ocean Road School. Ocean Road School Ocean Road Logo
offers a developmentally appropriate, standards-based curriculum for students in grades PreK-5. Our staff of talented, committed educators is dedicated to nurturing the intellect and enriching the creativity of our young students.

Ocean Road School’s Integrated Language Arts program develops children’s ability to utilize the skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking as tools to ensure success in everyday life. We are confident that from this foundation, our students develop effective communication skills, an outlet for creativity, and an enjoyment of literature. Our teachers are beginning to implement a workshop approach to teaching reading. The premise behind a workshop approach is that the teacher spends time teaching short lessons with direct explicit instruction on a skill or strategy and students spend the majority of time during the reading period applying skills within a variety of texts. By streamlining the skills and strategies students learn at each grade level, and increasing the amount of time students spend reading books, teachers have more time to individualize skills and strategies for students.

Math classes at Ocean Road School are lively and engaging.   Children in grades K-5 use the Everyday Mathematics 4 program to develop skills in all areas of mathematics.  Teachers motivate their students to learn mathematical concepts through hands-on activities, games, and projects, with an emphasis on connecting math to real life.  Students keep math journals and are required not only to share answers to equations, but to explain their mathematical thinking. 

Our Science program offers children in all grades the opportunity to explore Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences.   After researching various topics, students participate in hands-on experiments to reinforce newly learned concepts.  In Social Studies, we guide our students to understand and appreciate cultural differences.  All students are introduced to civics, economics, geography, and history.

Ocean Road School’s related arts program includes art, music, physical education, and library.  The Point Pleasant School District is committed to support 21st Century Skills throughout our curriculum to integrate technology, problem solving, communication skills, and global awareness. The district continues to purchase updated devices for student use such as Chromebooks, to allow more access to computers in a mobile environment so that teachers and students can access programs that support the curriculum. The use of the Chromebooks also allows our students to participate in more online learning and assessment experiences that will also help them be prepared for the PARCC assessments this spring.  Ocean Road School houses a Chrome Computer Lab and a full-time technology teacher who provides formal technology instruction for children in grades K-5.  Students use the Internet as a research tool, publish poetry and stories to enhance their typing skills, and play engaging games to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Mobile Chrome Carts and Interactive Eno Boards in classrooms allow teachers to integrate technology into their lessons in exciting and engaging ways.

Our full-day kindergarten program provides Ocean Road’s young students with ample instructional time and many opportunities to make new friends.  The children participate in a variety of academic activities designed to appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Kindergarten students also participate in our related arts program, and they enjoy outdoor recess and classroom playtime each day.

Ocean Road School houses the district’s self-contained special education classes for students in grades K-5, as well as a Pre-School Handicapped program.  A dedicated team of teachers and paraprofessionals works together to meet the needs of our classified students.  Children are mainstreamed with their peers whenever possible, and we are proud of the many opportunities we provide for regular education and special education students to learn from each other.

Our school community embraces many special celebrations and learning activities.  The Ocean Road School Parent Teacher Organization plans many exciting family events.  The PTO also supports cultural assemblies and other educational programs.  A team of primary teachers organizes ABC Nights to allow families to practice early literacy skills together.  The Learning Through Gardening Program continues to involve all students in the planning and care of a large flower garden on school grounds.  We are fortunate to enjoy so many opportunities to learn together as a school family!

We are proud of the many fine programs at Ocean Road School!  We welcome your involvement in our school community, and we are committed to working with parents and community members to promote success for our children



Sheila Buck, Principal
Lauren Rohmeyer, Assistant Principal

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