Fourth Grade
Teaching Team
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Mrs. Magley,
Miss Murray,
Ms. Sullivan,
Ms. Van Nostrand,


Language Arts
The language arts are an integrative, interactive way of thinking that develops through speaking, listening, writing, reading and viewing. Our language arts literacy curriculum provides comprehensive and balanced learning experiences in these areas. This approach provides a springboard for children to be active participants in acquiring new knowledge by formulating ideas, debating opinions, and persuading others in learning environments where varying points of views are encouraged and accepted.

The acclaimed literacy expert, Richard Allington, noted in his 2011 article “ What Really Matters for Struggling Readers,” that readers need three things to be successful: access to books they find fascinating, time to read and expert instruction. At the Point Pleasant Borough School District, we strive to provide students with these three key elements to foster a life-long love of reading. In Fourth Grade, students travel through a variety of genres, such as fiction, non-fiction and historical fiction, to hone their skills while developing their comprehension.  Students continue to read more complex books, which exposes them to more literary elements and story structures. Teachers scaffold their instruction through explicit mini-lessons, one-on-one conferencing and small group instruction. Word study, which includes vocabulary, phonics and grammar, are embedded within the English Language Arts block. Students also have opportunities to write narratives, informational and persuasive pieces while using mentor texts, direct and small group instruction to guide their writing skills.

Fourth grade students in Point Pleasant Borough follow the Everyday Mathematics 4 curriculum, a research based program.  Learning activities lay the foundation for your child’s math education through concrete experiences and games to build understanding of mathematics.  Your child will experience a problem-solving approach to learning based on everyday situations, with reinforcement through frequent practice of basic skills.  The teaching process involves revisiting concepts regularly to build mastery while drawing connections to new concepts, and the curriculum is designed to allow for exploration of mathematical content and practices in a rich problem-solving environment.  The lessons are specifically designed to build upon concepts and skills rather than treating topics as isolated sections to produce a well rounded and robust educational experience.
There are five main focal points of learning for your child at the fourth grade level:  operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, number and operations involving fractions, measurement and data, and geometry.  Within the topics are in depth learning experiences incorporating: multi-step problem solving involving all four operations; fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction; exploring measurement systems, applying area and perimeter, and developing an understanding of angles and angle measurement; and drawing and identifying geometric properties and identifying these properties in polygons.  These lessons will be extended and supplemented through the “Family Letters” provided in the program, which keep you informed of the content your child is learning, and through “Home Link” assignments, which offer the chance to help enrich that learning at home.

Our fourth grade science curriculum lends itself to exciting, hands-on lessons that truly call to each learner. Students can expect to become ‘royalty’ through the study of the five kingdoms; while mastering the classification system. Start brainstorming your creative ideas to join us in developing various ecosystems right in our own classrooms! Fourth graders at Ocean Road School will also blend technology and literacy to promote greater understanding of the human body systems and plant and animal adaptations. Our science curriculum challenges and engages our students throughout each lesson; there is so much to look forward to!

Social Studies
Fourth graders travel throughout the American landscape, studying States and Regions. Students learn that each region has its own geographical, historical, and cultural characteristics that make it unique and valuable. Whether the destination is the Northwest Region, Southeast Region, or anywhere in between, fourth graders will definitely enjoy their journey through our Social Studies curriculum.

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