Child Study Team

Dr. Nanci Pogoda-Ciccone, Learning Consultant
Dr. Jill Findley, Physical Therapist
Mrs. Susan Hansen, Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Fran O’Hagan, Social Worker
Mrs. Jennifer Malpass, Speech Therapist
Mrs. Cheryl Schneider, School Psychologist
Mrs. Denise Sharpe, Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Van Nest, Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Denise Vella, Speech Therapist

Programs & Services

Ocean Road Elementary School's Child Study Team consists of a school psychologist, a learning consultant, and a social worker. The Speech/Language therapist participates as an additional member of the CST when a preschool child is referred for an initial evaluation. The team has a number of responsibilities including consultation, identification, diagnosis, classification and formulation of recommendations for remediation of learning and behavior problems. Team members also serve as Case Managers for students receiving special education and related services and work closely with both special education and regular education teachers to develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of students'Individual Education Programs (I.E.P.)

The Child Study Team works collaboratively with the building-level problem-solving team known as the Intervention and Referral Services Committee. A child experiencing learning or behavioral difficulties in school is brought to the attention of the IR&S committee through the Vice-Principal. The IR&S referral process is typically a prerequisite to a referral to the Child Study Team. When IR&S meetings are scheduled, a Child Study Team member attends these meetings in order to work collaboratively with other school personnel to develop strategies which will assist students with various modifications, services, and resources.

If the IR&S Committee agrees that a child should be referred to the Child Study Team to consider whether the child will be evaluated, the request is communicated to the Child Study Team by the Principal. The Child Study Team then must follow procedures stipulated in New Jersey Administrative Code. This includes providing notice (a letter) to the parent/guardian of this request for consideration for evaluation.

Child Study Team evaluations may include assessments by the School Psychologist, Learning Consultant, School Social Worker, Speech/Language Specialist and other professionals. Specifically, the School Psychologist assesses a child's intellectual abilities, level of adaptive behavior, and helps to explain behavioral development. The Learning Consultant evaluates a child's strengths and weaknesses related to his/her academic levels and learning characteristics. The School Social Worker interviews the parent to determine how the child's home environment relates to the school situation and acts as liaison between the home, school and community agencies. A Speech/Language Specialist assesses the child's speech and language development. The findings of the team members, including copies of reports, are shared with the parent/guardian and appropriate school personnel at a conference. Eligibility will be determined and if a student is eligible, an Individual Education Program will be developed.

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