Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School offers a variety of special classes for students in kindergarten through grade 5. Special classes build on classroom learning concepts while helping children develop specific skills in the related arts. Specials include Art, Computers, Music, Physical Education, and Library.

Nellie F. Bennett students in grades K-5 work with a wide variety of mediums: painting, sewing, pastels and markers in our large art room. Classes are encouraged to work with both two and three dimensional work as well as fiber art. Each project introduces a new concept, artist, time period and/or culture. The principles and elements of design are addressed to clearly meet the objective of each lesson. Our department's philosophy is centered around the belief that by working in an inspirational and nurturing environment, will spark our students'imagination, engendering creativity and enthusiasm, and inspiring their creativity.
Teachers: Ms. Bukowski,    |    Mrs. Wagner,

Nellie Bennett Elementary School offers developmentally appropriate computer instruction for students in kindergarten through grade 5. Weekly Computer Classes take place in Nellie Bennett's Computer Lab, however, technology learning is supplemented daily with the use of Interactive Whiteboards, projectors and tablet computers. To ensure Nellie Bennett students become responsible digital citizens, technological lessons are always tempered with lessons about internet safety and digital responsibility.
Teacher: Mrs. Smith,

The goal of the Nellie F. Bennett music program is to provide students in grades kindergarten through grade 5 with exciting and interactive musical experiences. Students will learn to appreciate and understand music in lessons created to meet Music Standards.
Teachers: Miss Meier,    |    Mr. Ferrie,    |    Mrs. McCann,

Physical Education
Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School's Physical Education program is designed to ensure students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in meaningful physical activity during the school year and to develop lifelong healthy habits. Our school's health-related fitness program emphasizes lifetime participation in physical activity as a means of promoting fitness and health. The Cross Country Cruisers program makes physical fitness fun, as classesengage in friendly competition with the goal of winning the coveted Golden Sneaker Award.

The Physical Education Department also oversees Nellie Bennett's Character Education program - the Star program, which fosters a positive school climate by recognizing and rewarding students for engaging in good behavior. Character education at Nellie Bennett is framed around the Six Pillars of Character - trustworthiness, respectfulness, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
Teachers: Mr. Akins,    |    Mrs. Campise,   |
Mr. Jaworovich,

Library/Media Center
Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School offers a fully stocked library, staffed by a full time media specialist. During regular trips to the library media center, students are taught how to use the library and about the types of materials housed there. They also learn basic research techniques. Library media services are an integral part of the curriculum, serving a supportive role to all curricular areas.

The library is fully stocked with age appropriate reading material, ranging from current favorites to classic literature. Students may borrow library books at any time. This helps foster positive reading habits and a lifelong love of reading.
Media Specialist: Mrs. Walker,

Language is the basis of human communication. The ability to effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural contexts, enhances cross-cultural communication, while helping students develop an appreciation for cultural diversity. Elementary Spanish lessons will provide an introduction to oral communication with an emphasis on understanding Spanish-speaking cultures.
Teacher: Ms. Cole,

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