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Language Arts
Our language arts literacy curriculum provides the Kindergarten students with the listening, speaking, writing, and reading tools necessary to be successful in this academic area. Students are actively engaged in the following practices; phonics, grammar, critical thinking, and independent writing. These skills provide the students with a solid foundation for their future education. Our main goal is to create a love for reading, and a community of readers, where students read for enjoyment, as well as academic purpose. To cultivate a love for reading, students are immersed in a print rich environment where read-alouds, shared reading, and partnerships abound. By celebrating students as readers, we send the message that reading is a critical aspect of each child’s life. Through the research-based program, Fundations, students develop essential phonemic and phonological foundational skills. Through this multi-sensory, interactive program students are receiving the groundwork to become lifelong readers.

Kindergarten students in Point Pleasant Borough follow the Everyday Mathematics 4 curriculum, a research based program.  Learning activities lay the foundation for your child’s math education through concrete experiences and games to build understanding of numbers.  Over the course of the school year, your child will engage with topics such as counting, numeration, addition, subtraction, geometry, and measurement through many hands-on activities grounded in real world situations.  These engaging and playful lessons immerse children in understanding of numbers and objects in the world around them, building a solid foundation for future math learning.
The goal for Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics 4 is for students to experience mathematics that is useful, enjoyable, and understandable.  Included in the program are “Home Links,” or opportunities for you to build your child’s lasting confidence and excitement in mathematics in your own home.  These activities link your home environment to those your child experiences within the classroom.  A further core element is the development of daily routines, such as numbers on the calendar or how many children are present or absent, drawing attention to the relevance of numbers.  Routines provide both security and predictability to your child, while also allowing teachers to draw connections between math and other subjects.  Also, math routines foster community and collaboration amongst our youngest learners, helping the classroom run smoothly in your child’s first year of formal schooling.

Our Kindergarten students thoroughly enjoy becoming young scientists. They participate in numerous hands-on activities. We explore the concept of metamorphosis and the children complete a life cycle project. Other areas we discuss throughout the year include; weather, animals, and plants.

Social Studies
We begin our journey learning how to become part of a successful school community. We explore different places and environments and how these change throughout the year. We learn to read basic maps, charts, and diagrams to help us locate information. We discuss people in the community and important people from our country. We perform in our annual musical program where our Kindergarten pals shine in the spotlight. Bravo!

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