First Grade
Teaching Team
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Mrs. Acquisto,
Mrs. Hannam,
Mrs. Kesler,
Ms. Maher,
Mrs. Miller,
Mrs. Slager,


Language Arts
Our Language Arts Literacy Curriculum provides a comprehensive and balanced learning experience in speaking, listening, writing, reading and viewing. This approach provides a springboard for children to be active participants in acquiring new knowledge. Students engage in whole group literature study, phonics, grammar, and spelling. Instruction includes a direct approach, as well as authentic reading and writing activities. The students also participate in independent book selection and write for a variety of purposes.. At Point Pleasant Borough Schools, we implement the structures and routines of Reading Workshop to provide explicit instruction and  strategy application through books that are attainable for each student. By carefully monitoring students’ reading progress through both informal and formal assessments, teachers are attuned to each child's strengths and weaknesses as a reader. Based on this data, teachers differentiate their instruction through small-group and individual instruction during reading conferences. Students delve into a variety of genres, such as fiction and nonfiction, while continuing to build on the essential foundational phonics skills through the research-based, Fundations

First grade students in Point Pleasant Borough follow the Everyday Mathematics 4 curriculum, a research based program.  Learning activities lay the foundation for your child’s math education through concrete experiences and games to build understanding of numbers.  Your child will learn basic mathematical skills by solving problems based on everyday situations in a variety of engaging ways.  Topics are revisited throughout the year and used as foundational blocks for future learning.  Lessons are specifically designed to build upon concepts rather than treating topics as isolated skills, producing a well rounded and robust educational experience.

There are four main focal points of the program at the first grade level: operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, measurement and data, and geometry.  Within these topics are in depth learning experiences involving the relationships between addition and subtraction within 20, basic equations utilizing addition and subtraction, understanding place value to extend addition and subtraction to within 100, measuring lengths, telling and writing time, representing and interpreting data, and reasoning with shapes and their features.  These lessons will be extended and supplemented through the “Family Letters” provided in the program, which keep you informed of the content your child is learning, and through “Home Link” activities, which offer the chance to help enrich that learning at home.

Science provides many opportunities for students to develop and maintain the essential skills that form the basis for lifelong learning. The science process skills are important inquiry tools. Effective science instruction integrates science content and experiences with all areas of the curriculum. The first grade science program provides students with many opportunities to develop reading, writing and math skills through meaningful activities and strategies. This is an exciting year for our little ones to begin exploring the world around them.

Social Studies
Students learn about their community, school, society and culture through descriptions of the various social settings. While developing a familiarity with the each aspect of living within a democratic society, students learn about American history. They learn how society has changed and how the change process works. Students also study how people are connected and how those different from themselves share many common needs and interests.

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