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Windows to the Classroom

District hosts Teacher for a Day programGuest Teacher Joe Leone

According to an old Native American aphorism, one must never criticize a man without first walking a mile in his moccasins. What, at first glance can seem a simple pronouncement to discourage presumption, is, under further examination, a profound call for empathy and understanding when dealing with others. And although the exact origins of the saying are unknown, its themes have frequently been adapted and integrated into countless iterations throughout history, and appear in proverbs, fables and literature. Regardless of individual context, however, the moral remains consistent, and that is, we should not judge another without firsthand knowledge of their experiences and perspectives.

District Fights the SumSummer Reading Programmer Slide with Seventh Annual Summer Reading Program

Parents and educators know that summer reading is the key to enhancing children’s skill retention during the summer months. Research has proven that children that don’t read or participate in any education activities during the summer can lose two-to-three months of grade-level equivalency, in a phenomenon called the “summer slide,” which can have significant lasting consequences.

“Experts agree that reading during the summer months can be the most effective means of combating the summer slide,” said Point Pleasant Schools’ Director of Curriculum & Instruction Susan Ladd. READ MORE >>

High School to offer free cardiac screening with athletic physicalsOcean Road Chorus

Significant changes are coming to Point Pleasant Borough High School’s athletic physical process that will affect all prospective student-athletes who plan on participating in any scholastic sport during the 2014-2015 school year. This, according to Point Pleasant Borough School District Athletic Director Christopher Ferrone, who said that the changes were made in compliance with the new Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act, signed into law by Governor Christie last year. The Act, establishes a standard of consistent measures for school districts to follow that will help ensure the health of student-athletes.

Spring PromSecond Annual Spring Prom An Unforgettable Night

For most high school students, attending the prom is a rite of passage, one of pre-college life’s significant milestones. For these students, the prom represents the culmination of their high school careers, serving, as a bridge between their past and future selves, and providing a glimpse into the diverging paths they and their peers will soon take.

But for students with special needs, attending the prom can seem like an unattainable dream. An activity made exceedingly difficult.... READ MORE >>
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Point Pleasant Borough School District Anti-Bullying Team
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Ms. Rita Miller
2100 Panther Path
Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey 08742
Phone: (732) 701-1900 ext. 2414
Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights
Point Pleasant School District Grade: 71/75
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School Based Anti-Bullying Specialists
Mr. James Foley
Point Pleasant Borough High School
808 Laura Herbert Drive
Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742
Phone: (732) 701-1900 extension 2230
Ms. Jennifer Kelly
Memorial Middle School
808 Laura Herbert Drive
Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742
Phone: (732) 701-1900 extension 2309
Ms. Cheryl Schneider
Nellie Bennett Elementary School
2000 Riviera Parkway
Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742
Phone: (732) 701-1900 extension 5218
Ms. Sue Hansen
Ocean Road Elementary School
Benedict Street
Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742
Phone: (732) 701-1900 extension 5215
     Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Letter from Superintendent Vincent S. Smith (September 18, 2012)
     Policy 5512: Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (Revised Policy Adopted October 21, 2013)
     Policy 5600: Pupil Discipline/Code of Conduct(Revised Policy Adopted July 11, 2011)
    Guidance for Schools on Implementing the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act

   Anti-Bullying Resources
      Bullying 101 - What It Is & What to Do About It
      Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online

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