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Vaping: Danger in Disguise
The Medical & Behavioral Implications of Electronic Cigarettes
A Forum for Parents & Students
Presented by the Point Pleasant Borough School District
Vaping: Danger in Disguise, the Medical and Behavioral Implications of e-cigarettes Forum
Parent Forum
Wednesday, March 28
Point Pleasant H.S Auditorium
7 P.M.

Since they were introduced in 2006, the use of electronic cigarettes or vapes has exploded, especially among youth and teens. Between 2011 and 2016 – the most recent year with statistical use data - e-cigarette use has risen among adolescents from 1.5 percent to 16.2 percent.

Though the advertisement of cigarettes on television has been banned since 1971, electronic cigarettes are aggressively marketed on TV and other mainstream media channels. In fact, spending on advertising of electronic cigarettes has tripled each year since 2011 and much of the advertising is directly targeted at youth. Plus, studies have shown that the manufacturers of e-cigarettes are employing similar techniques to those used by cigarette companies to increase use of cigarettes by youth, including: candy-flavored products; themes that resonate with youth, such as rebellion, glamour and sex; celebrity endorsements; and sports and music sponsorships.

In a randomized controlled trial performed by the CDC, adolescents who viewed e-cigarette TV advertisements reported a significantly greater likelihood of future e-cigarette use compared with the control group. They were also more likely to agree that e-cigarettes are harmless. Further, a study performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows teens are misinformed about the contents of the liquid in their e-cigarettes. According to the survey, 66 percent of teens thought the liquid contained just flavoring; 13.7 percent didn’t know; only 13.2 percent correctly identified nicotine; 5.8 percent believed the vape liquid included marijuana; and 1.3 percent provided other responses. The National Institute on Drug Abuse also found that 30.7 percent of teen e-cigarette users are more likely to begin smoking traditional cigarettes within six months compared to 8.1 percent of non-users.

These statistics are alarming, but even more alarming is the pervasive belief that e-cigarettes are harmless; however, according to the Chief Operating Officer of Southern Ocean Medical Center Hospital Regina Foley, PHD, MBA, RN, though data is emerging, enough is simply not known about the long-term effects of vaping.

“The fact is that health services personnel simply do not know what we do not know,”
Said Ms. Foley. “Although what we do know, does indicate that e-cigarettes are definitely not harmless.”

The primary ingredient in the vape liquid is nicotine, which is known to be addictive; however, e-cigarettes also contain: formaldehyde and b-nicotyrine, known cancer causing agents; metal and silicate particles, which are toxic to human cells; and propylene glycol, a lung and eye irritant.

These alarming e-cigarette statistics coupled with emerging date has inspired the Point Pleasant Borough School District to aggressively target this growing epidemic. On Wed. Mar. 28, the district hosted a forum for parents and students entitled Vaping: Danger in Disguise, the Medical and Behavioral Implications of Vaping.

School district administrators joined local health experts for a frank discussion on the on the growing use of e-cigarettes or vapes among teens and children. Though many of the long-term health effects of vaping remain unknown, our panel of experts shared the latest data and known health risks vaping causes while district staff explained the Point Pleasant Borough School District’s educational efforts aimed at preventing vaping. Attendees also had the opportunity to have their questions answered by the experts.

Panelists Included:

  • Regina Foley, PHD, MBA, RN Chief Operating Officer, Southern Ocean Medical Center
  • Dr. Rocco Giliberti, D.O Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Gus De La Luz, M.D. Pulmonologist, Shore Pulmonary
  • Dr. Eric Alcera, M.D. Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Kurt Karcich, Principal, Point Pleasant Borough High School
  • Jim Foley Student Assistance Counselor, Point Pleasant Borough Schools
  • With an introduction by Vincent S. Smith Superintendent, Point Pleasant Borough Schools

“Our district is committed to taking a proactive approach to all public health issues and vaping certainly meets the criteria,” said Superintendent Smith. “There seems to be a persistent misperception that the use of e-cigarettes is safe and that’s just patently false.

“E-cigarettes can lead to addiction and other health issues and the district feel it is our duty to educate students, parents and the committee about the health risks,” he said. “I strongly urged all parents as well as appropriately-aged students to attend this forum. Now is the time to discuss what we, as a community, can do to protect the health of our students before they become a statistic.”

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