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Grade 1 Math

- Practice: skip counting by 2's to 20, by 5's to 100, & by 10's to 100. 

- Also practice counting back by 1's from 20.  

- Here are 2 fun websites to practice Math skills:

    Calendar skills - starfall.com

    Number dot to dot - funschool.com

Math Grades 1-2

- Refer to: "Do Anytime Activities" booklet & "Family Letters" (sent out at the beginning of each new unit) for ideas on how to practice math skills at home.

- Here are some great websites to build Math skills:





Language Arts Grades 1-2:

- Review sight word cards nightly. 

- Also, be sure to have your child read a page in his/her reading homework book.

- Here are some fun websites to build Language Arts skills:



Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns!  jthorn@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us