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Point Pleasant Borough School Facilities

2100 Panther Path
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
732.701.1900 extension 2507
732.295.7403 FAX
Director of Facilities: Kenny Hopkins
Facilities Secretary: Lisa Gonzalez

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The Point Pleasant Borough Schools' Facilities Department is managed by ARAMARK Facilities Management. Working closely with school and central administration, ARAMARK employees conduct routine maintenance and upkeep for the Point Pleasant Schools' buildings and grounds. They provide for clean and sanitary management of the schools to ensure a healthy learning environment for students and staff. The Facilities Director also acts as the Pest Management Coordinator and the Chemical Hygiene Officer.
2015-16 IPM Notice
Asbestos Statement
Written Hazard Communication Program [WHCP], 1/7/16
Pesticide Application Notice, 5/18/16
7410: Maintenance & Repair
7420: Hygienic Management
7421: Indoor Air Quality Standards
7422: Integrated Pest Management
7433: Hazardous Substances
7510: Use of School Facilities

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