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Extraordinary and consistent student achievement, rigorous educational standards and comprehensive co-curricular programming accomplished through dedicated fiscal responsibility with unwavering community support; these are the components that comprise a Point Pleasant Borough Schools’ education.

The Point Pleasant Borough School District, nestled in the heart of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, is comprised of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school that together provide Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 educational services to approximately 3,000 students.

At Point Pleasant Borough Schools, instruction is modeled after the district mission statement, assuring that all students are equipped with the essential skills necessary to acquire knowledge and understanding. It is the district’s belief that by instilling the critical components of self-discipline, perseverance, fairness and judicious decision-making along with the desire to question and look for truth, students will become discerning critical thinkers and life-long learners. The administration and faculty’s dedication to these objectives inspires our students to the highest levels of achievement on their path to becoming capable, successful and responsible citizens of the world. This vision is our district’s philosophical core and the foundation for all decision-making, planning and action.

From the first days of kindergarten to the last days of high school, Point Borough students are prepared to excel in the core principles of education, and are exposed, through a broad variety of co-curricular programs, to the practical and creative real world applications of their education.

At Point Pleasant Borough Schools, district curricula meet or exceed state and national standards and diverse course options provide students the flexibility to elicit a truly individualized educational experience uniquely tailored to their needs while a rich variety of co-curricular offerings enhance their social, creative and athletic development. This provides students with unlimited opportunities to achieve success, both in and out of the classroom. And with the continued alignment of district curriculum with evolving national and state standards, our students are poised for long-term success in college and careers.

A district wide commitment to recognizing and applauding the achievements of students through various recognition programs at both the school and district levels serves as a motivational tool for students, fostering a drive for personal success among our students. Our students’ high level of achievement is apparent in the numerous honors awarded to our student body year after year.

The origin of all achievement, however, lie in the district’s climate of high expectations for success for both students and staff that has been established by Central Administration and the Board of Education, to which students are introduced when they first enter our schools.

Point Pleasant Borough students’ educational journeys begin at one of the district’s two elementary schools, which both offer developmentally appropriate instruction for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 5. Mathematics, Language Arts, Earth, Physical and Life Sciences as well as Social Studies comprise both elementary schools’ primary curriculum areas, ensuring our students are well prepared to enter intermediate school. Comprehensive related arts classes establish a firm foundation in Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education as well as Library Science. And technology is infused into nearly every curriculum area; assuring students are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and beyond.

The continued integration of technology into the classroom has been facilitated through the strategic addition of new equipment and infrastructure upgrades. Among the new technology currently in use in district classrooms are Google Chromebooks, now available at all four district schools. The Chromebooks web-based management console facilitates real time collaboration between teacher and students and is based in the familiar Google-interface. Plus, the Chromebooks offer access to the entire suite of Google Apps for Education. Among the infrastructure upgrades recently completed was the replacement of the Wide Area Network, or WAN, which allowed for the expansion of both wireless and video capabilities, and increased Wi-Fi access points district-wide. Universal wireless access is essential to support the reliable and efficient operation of the Chromebooks as well as to accommodate the administration of the new PARCC testing, which must be administered online.

The district’s intermediate school, Memorial Middle School, is proud to provide approximately 700 students in grades six through eight with high quality differentiated instruction. From Academically Gifted and Talented to contained special education classes for students with disabilities, Memorial Middle School offers a wide range of academically diverse learning opportunities. The school’s six academic teams ensure students receive specialized instruction in the core subject areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Related Arts courses establish a strong foundation in the areas of Health and Physical Education, World Languages, Technology Literacy, Art, Consumer Science, Modular Technology, Instrumental and Vocal Music, and Character Education.  In addition to varied academic programming, Memorial Middle School provides academic, athletic and social extracurricular opportunities.  Charitable drives to benefit local organizations help reinforce character education concepts, as does the school’s Student Ambassador program. Selected by student and staff nomination for demonstrating positive qualities, the Student Ambassadors assist with new student orientation, parent orientation, and Back-to-School Night among other programs. At the end of our students’ eighth grade year, a promotion ceremony helps them say goodbye to their middle school years and welcomes them to their freshman year at Point Pleasant Borough High School.

Point Pleasant Borough High School continues to maintain a proud tradition of providing outstanding academic and co-curricular opportunities to the student body. A variety of Academic Placement courses, elective drama, art, music and technology provide students with a challenging yet flexible learning environment. Point Pleasant Borough High School encourages students’ aspirations by allowing open admission to Advanced Placement courses or Honors courses, in which students are excelling! The 2013-14 school year saw a record 46 students earn awards of distinction on the Advanced Placement end-of-course tests, including five students who received the highest honor for AP achievement – National AP Scholar!

The 2013-14 school year also saw Point Pleasant Borough High School students achieve record high scores on the High School Proficiency Assessment, or HSPA test. The 2013-14 HSPA scores coupled with consistent HSPA and SAT score growth over the past several years were instrumental in the high school’s ranking in the Top 100 of NJ Monthly Magazine’s List of Top High Schools for 2014! Point Pleasant Borough High School is ranked 98th in the State and 2nd in Ocean County among all New Jersey High Schools!

In addition to outstanding academic opportunities, Point Pleasant Borough High School is distinguished for our high caliber extracurricular programs. Over 80 percent of our student body is involved in extracurricular activities including athletics, performing arts and social organizations.

Our students’ consistent high performance factors prominently in their receipt of scholarships and grants each year. Last year, 84 percent of our graduating seniors went on to pursue higher education collectively utilizing over $200,000 in scholarships, at such notable institutions as Cornell University, Brown University, Cornell University and Dartmouth to name a few.

Because all achievement stems from the classroom, it is the fervent belief of the Point Pleasant Borough School District that the faculty is the foundation on which all success is built. To continue our district’s tradition of highly successful educators, primary focus is placed on recruiting and retaining top quality teachers and staff.

As teachers are responsible for shaping each child’s educational experience, their commitment to quality and constructive progress is paramount. With that in mind, deep emphasis is placed on providing consistent and meaningful staff development opportunities to improve instructional methods and increase student success.

District workshops, with Team and Grade-level meetings, allow faculty to exchange knowledge and skills and share best practices in true collaborative fashion through professional learning communities. These efforts translate to a unique set of learning opportunities, tailored to meet the needs of our staff and students.

Our state-recognized Teacher Induction Program ensures that teachers new to our district share our educational vision.  The four-year program guides new teachers through the tenure process through a comprehensive blend of mentorship and collaboration with professional development and assessments, helping them reach their professional potential.

To ensure continued growth and improvement for teachers throughout their careers, the District has implemented the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching as our Educator Evaluation System under the State’s Educator Effectiveness law.

The Danielson Framework closely aligns with the district’s philosophy that student achievement is rooted in the continuous professional growth of their educators. The model promotes student learning by encouraging staff engagement in professional learning communities and advocating use of shared knowledge and expertise. We are confident that this new system, currently in use district-wide, will help ensure our faculty continues to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set forth by our administration, the Board of Education and the State.

District success is demonstrated by Point Pleasant Borough Schools’ consistent rank at the top of state and local achievement standards. The district’s recent designation as a “High Performing District” in the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) process is further testament of the district’s exceptional performance.

Point Pleasant Borough Schools act as a draw and an anchor for the Point Pleasant Borough community. The district’s many successes translate to an increased sense of security and prosperity that attracts residents and commerce, stabilizes property values, and maintains peace of mind for Point Pleasant’s citizenry. The district recognizes and appreciates this partnership with the community, and therefore, operates under a strict philosophy of delivering a first-class educational experience to all students while remaining accountable to Point Pleasant’s taxpayers.

Fiscal responsibility is a central tenet to the district’s philosophy of delivering a first-class educational experience to all students while remaining accountable to Point Pleasant’s taxpayers.

The district’s strong history of meeting financial commitments, 17 years of clean financial audits, maintaining emergency reserve funds, and strong fiscal controls put in place by the business office and the Board of Education have earned the district accolades from State education associations, as well as financial services giant Standard & Poor’s, who recently awarded the district an AA credit rating. Factors like these coupled with the district’s persistent ranking at the lowest of New Jersey school districts for spending according to New Jersey’s Comparative Spending Guide, puts the district at the top of efficiently run school districts year after year.

To continue our tradition of highly successful educational programming at a low cost, the administration of Point Pleasant Schools is constantly looking for ways to reduce spending as well as increase revenue from non-traditional sources.  District staff works diligently to keep costs low by participating in shared services; by pursuing program funding through state, federal and corporate grant opportunities; and by seeking additional revenue generating opportunities.

Extraordinary and consistent student achievement, rigorous educational standards and comprehensive co-curricular programming accomplished through dedicated fiscal responsibility and unwavering community support; these are the components that contribute to the success of the Point Pleasant Borough School District.

The following school report card provides quantitative evidence of the district’s success. The data in the school report card is generated by the State from a wide range of input sources. We believe it provides a fairly accurate depiction of the academic success of our schools. We encourage parents and community members to review this report and monitor our continued progress as we move into the future.

Our Mission
To assure that all students are equipped with the essential skills necessary to acquire knowledge, and understanding; To instill the desire to question and look for truth so that students may become critical thinkers and life-long learners; and, To assure that all students practice self-discipline, perseverance, fairness, and judicious decision making.

It is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.

 District Snapshot
Number of Schools 4 (Two elementary schools, one intermediate school, one high school)
Number of Students 2969*
Number of Employees 408*
Average Class Size 20.3*
Percent of Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education 90%
Average SAT Scores Math: 494 · Reading: 492 · Writing: 491
Advanced Placement Courses Twelve AP classes offered
Advanced Placement Participation 22.5% or 226 students
  *Approximate numbers

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